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Proper computational load generation (test program) is a separate task for the designers. The system and unit design team needs to be able to simulate different operating scenarios.
We offer solutions for the mathematical and computer model of the system, taking into account loads, initial and boundary conditions, simulating operating and testing conditions in a virtual environment
Our solutions are primarily needed to test control systems, as well as to obtain different test program scenarios.
Products and Services
Our company offers cutting-edge complete solutions for simulation and testing of aerospace equipment and control systems
We offer tailored solutions for physical testing of nodes or systems as a whole. Integration with simulators and resource optimization is taken into account.
Our design bureau has the expertise to design complex test rigs. Based on the tasks and loads we select the appropriate actuators and ensure high precision loading.
Each new test rig adds standardized modules and assemblies to our portfolio, on the basis of which we build new systems.

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